Integrated E-commerce Order Fulfillment Advantages

JANCO Integrated E-commerce Order Fulfillment Advantages To power your online stores productivity, our integrated order fulfillment platform and services allows your E-commerce business to grow without having a burden to worry about daily logistics operations overhead costs. We are completely scalable as you grow, perfect for thriving business.   Cloud Base Portal Using our “Plug & Play” platform is simple to activate the integrated E-commerce order fulfillment system. There is no messy software to install and you can access it anytime of the [...]

One-stop E-Commerce Logistics Solutions

One-stop E-Commerce Logistics Solutions We make it Simple, make it work We make selling online easy. We provide seamless Order Fulfillment and One-stop E-commerce Logistics Solutions to our customers. Just focus on your business and leave the rest to us. You don’t need to store anything, pack anything. Fill out any paperwork for shipping. We do it all for you. Save time and save cost so you can have more energy and resources in building and driving your business forward.   JANCO E-commerce [...]

Difficulties in Online Stores

Over the years, people tend to run online business and sell to overseas. To boost online sales, it is vital to establish reputable brand and formulate an appropriate marketing plan. In fact, delivery experience considers as a crucial factor with logistics arrangements and transportation costs for subsequent orders. Product Types Certain countries have import requirements or restrictions on certain types of products, it is to recommend online stores owner to first understand the import restrictions of countries and check whether their [...]

【疫市營商】本地物流公司 推網購集運平台轉型

駿高近年積極發展電商業務,推出網購平台及集運服務,圖為執行董事陳國威(左)及總經理戴景峯。(陳國峰攝) 新冠肺炎來襲,各行各業面臨轉型困境,本地傳統物流公司駿高控股(08035)下的駿高速運,近年開拓綫上業務,推出35Plus網購平台,積極發展電商業務。疫情下,網購生意上升,更帶動客戶使用旗下的物流服務。

New System Features to Bring New Experience!

Reach more of your world in less time. Save Information of Contacts and Commodity for future shipping ●   Store up to 50 senders’ and 10,000 recipients’ addresses ●   Store frequently shipped commodities for your next shipment   Prepare Shipment with Electronic Trade Documents ●   Submit trade documents electronically to save paper, energy and printing costs ●   Ensure faster submission of customs clearance documents to avoid customs delays   Online bulk shipping ●   Online batch creation consignment, fast and reliable   Create a Shipment Profile ●    Store your shipment details for future shipping needs ●     Reuse past shipment profiles [...]

Delivery Services Available Through Janco Ecommerce API

Posting API offers secure, authenticated access to manage the creation and download of shipping labels. Applicable Use Cases Create shipping label Create Commercial Invoice Create Packing List Download shipping label Supported Features Formats: JSON Protocols: HTTPS POST Documentation Reference Manual (PDF) Simple Program (Posting) Simple Program (Tracing)