New System Features to Bring New Experience!

New System Features to Bring New Experience!

Reach more of your world in less time.

Save Information of Contacts and Commodity for future shipping
●   Store up to 50 senders’ and 10,000 recipients’ addresses
●   Store frequently shipped commodities for your next shipment


Prepare Shipment with Electronic Trade Documents
●   Submit trade documents electronically to save paper, energy and printing costs
●   Ensure faster submission of customs clearance documents to avoid customs delays


Online bulk shipping
●   Online batch creation consignment, fast and reliable


Create a Shipment Profile
●    Store your shipment details for future shipping needs
●     Reuse past shipment profiles with just a few clicks

Setup “Preferences”
●   Set the defaults for your frequently-used shipping information
●   Customize your online shipping process according to your needs


Schedule Pickup Online
●   Create an online request for our courier to pick up your shipment
●   Real-time updating of our pickup availability for your selection


Request Email notification
●     Automatically sends an email notification to selected recipients
●    Email notifications can be sent at different shipment status


Pending Shipments
●    Save the progress of your shipment preparation for future use
●   Save details of up to 100 shipments in your ‘Pending Shipment Log’