One-stop E-Commerce Logistics Solutions

One-stop E-Commerce Logistics Solutions

One-stop E-Commerce Logistics Solutions

We make it Simple, make it work

We make selling online easy. We provide seamless Order Fulfillment and One-stop E-commerce Logistics Solutions to our customers. Just focus on your business and leave the rest to us. You don’t need to store anything, pack anything. Fill out any paperwork for shipping. We do it all for you. Save time and save cost so you can have more energy and resources in building and driving your business forward.


JANCO E-commerce Order Fulfillment à Domestic & Cross Border Shipping à Manage Inbound Inventory

Seamless E-commerce Order Fulfillment and Cross Border Shipping strategy to streamline your E-commerce Logistics Solutions


E-commerce Order Fulfillment

Shorten the lead times and improve cost effectiveness

Our goal is to provide you with and End-to-end E-commerce Logistics Solutions for your online retail business. We make things simple and efficient. We will do all the order fulfillment behind line scenes daily work. You just focus to sell online products and we will take care of the rest. In real time, we will pick, pack and process your orders in the same day.


Domestic & Cross Border Shipping

Multi-logistics channels in Mainland China and worldwide network coverage

Want to sell and deliver more to your customers? Managing cross border shipping is one of the biggest challenges in E-commerce logistics. At JANCO E-commerce, you never have to worry about that. We offer a wide range of domestic and international courier and postal logistics solutions at vary competitive pricing so you can sell anywhere to the world and deliver products to your customers as quickly as you need to.


Manage Inbound Inventory

One-stop E-commerce logistics solutions to enhance the supply chain process

From pick up to receipt, JANCO One-stop E-commerce logistics solutions can manage your suppliers globally to reduce multiple handling and processing time. Solve on shipping cost, and expedite the entire E-commerce order fulfillment and shipping process. We streamline your E-commerce logistics by managing the entire supply chain process.


JANCO Integrated E-commerce Order Fulfillment Advantages

To power your online stores productivity, our platform and services allows your business to grow without having a burden to worry about daily logistics operations overhead costs.

  • Cloud Base Portal
  • Deliver Duty Paid
  • Simply Sell More
  • Get your products to Mainland China


Learn more about JANCO Integrated E-commerce Order Fulfillment Advantages, please visit Integrated E-com order fulfilment advantages

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