Difficulties in Online Stores

Difficulties in Online Stores

Over the years, people tend to run online business and sell to overseas. To boost online sales, it is vital to establish reputable brand and formulate an appropriate marketing plan. In fact, delivery experience considers as a crucial factor with logistics arrangements and transportation costs for subsequent orders.

Product Types
Certain countries have import requirements or restrictions on certain types of products, it is to recommend online stores owner to first understand the import restrictions of countries and check whether their products can be sold internationally.

The owner might also be aware whether the product is a dangerous or regulated item. For Example, electronic products with lithium batteries, or products containing alcohol (perfume or alcohol hand rub). Even if the product itself is not a dangerous product, some ingredients may be considered as dangerous components, the courier company might require the sender to submit additional documents (such as chemical safety instructions, declaration letter) to provide in detail whether the item can be carried. Products, or whether additional shipping costs are required.

Customs Clearance
To obtain a successful customs clearance process, online shop owner might need to understand the information and documents required for local customs clearance, so as to adjust corresponding settings of their online platform, so that buyers could provide the required information before completing the purchase process.

Import Duties and Tax Consideration
To prevent buyers paying additional taxes when receiving the goods, the shop owner should understand the tax allowance of the different country, to prevent any misunderstanding.

Express company charges
When sending a shipment, the owner might pay attention to the international express company’s charging standard, which is based on the actual weight or volume weight of the package (whichever is greater) to calculate the freight.

For example, the actual weight of baby products is light, but it might take up a lot of space after packaging, courier company charge for the volume and weight of the package. When calculating freight costs, volume and weight must be considered. General express company’s calculation of volume and weight is as follows: packaging box (length x width x height cm) divided to 5,000.

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