Integrated E-commerce Order Fulfillment Advantages

Integrated E-commerce Order Fulfillment Advantages

JANCO Integrated E-commerce Order Fulfillment Advantages

To power your online stores productivity, our integrated order fulfillment platform and services allows your E-commerce business to grow without having a burden to worry about daily logistics operations overhead costs. We are completely scalable as you grow, perfect for thriving business.


Cloud Base Portal

Using our “Plug & Play” platform is simple to activate the integrated E-commerce order fulfillment system. There is no messy software to install and you can access it anytime of the day, anywhere in the world.


Deliver Duty Paid

Whether your strategy is to absorb part or all of the cost or pass it on to your customer, we work with various cross border shipping options that allow you to offer your customers the benefit of having the duties paid for E-commerce logistics solutions.


Simply Sell More

JANCO E-commerce order fulfillment center is located in Hong Kong to allow for in and out of stock without having the complications that comes with dealing with customs and taxes. Integrated E-commerce logistics solutions in Hong Kong also have an advantage of reaching most global markets in very short transit times. Cross border shipping strategy and E-commerce logistics solutions really makes selling so much easier.


Get your products to Mainland China

China has seen an explosion in growth in online sales over the past 05-years and is continuing to grow at a rapid pace year after year. JANCO has cross border shipping solutions that can take your products to China. We can even take it a step further if you are interested to explore options around cross border shipping or E-commerce logistics on getting your brand listed on the top marketplaces in China.


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